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Be sure to check the Region 2 website
  for additional current information!

Would you like to meet more people from our region? All members of Region 2 are encouraged to join a discussion group for those interested in discussing Mensa politics. It is a forum for ideas that you want to share with other members. Please visit us.

You can read Sally online!

The August, 2012 issue of Sally is now posted at the Region 2 website

The RVC's column for June, 2013 is posted at the Region 2 website!


Colloquium 2013: Between Science Fiction and Science

Colloquium 2013 will address the new technologies born of science fiction and those sciences that will always be fictional — at least within the bounds our knowledge today; the current status of robotics and the "robopocalypse;" how our military model has changed with the advent of these technologies; and, of course, we'll hear from those who dream tomorrow's reality, the science fiction authors. We're confident the program will include topics — and renowned speakers — you've never seen collected into one forum in any other venue! This one-day lead-in to AG 2013 will be held Tuesday, July 2, the day before the AG opens.


2013 Annual Gathering
Fort Worth, Texas July 3-7



American Mensa National Statistics

April, 2013

Total membership


New and reinstating members


Offers of membership


New members since April 2012


Reinstating members since April 2012







The latest issue of Fred: The Magazine for Young Mensans is available online. This issue explores the holidays - traditions, stories, and even recipes. Read articles and play with  puzzles, games, and more. See the winners of the Create Your Own Planet Contest and find out about the latest contest!Fred is a free quarterly magazine available to Mensa families as a way for Young Mensans to connect and share their interests on a more regular basis. Families and members who would like to subscribe will find information via the Fred pages.


Mensa for kids

New lesson plan on Utopia/Dystopia: The American Dream posted to Mensa For Kids Website

"American Literature is a traditional course of study in eleventh grade English/Language Arts classes across the nation. Often, the novels and stories are taught without historical context or simply in chronological order with no overarching thread to tie them together thematically. Using the “City on a Hill” allusion from John Winthrop’s famous sermon as a starting point, this lesson gives students a paradigm – The American Dream – through which to view their study of American literature, in the classroom and in their own reading as well."


American Mensa's election season has started. The National Nominating Committee received Candidate Information Forms from members interested in running for national and regional offices, met with some of the potential candidates at the AG, and received additional information from them.  After careful consideration, the Nomination Committee nominated these members from our region: Heather Miller Poirier, candidate for 1st Vice Chair;  Nancy M. Farrar, candidate for RVC2; and Cam Smart, candidate for RVC2. Additional candidates can submit petitions to the Election Committee to be included on the ballot. The balloting will take place in April and May, 2013

American Mensa is pleased to announce
two new member benefits that are sure to be of great interest to young Mensans and their parents. To get more information on these new opportunities and on all of the other excellent benefits available through your Mensa membership, visit



Renew your membership!
The Mensa membership year begins
April 1 and ends March 31.

Annual dues are $63, second-family-member rates $42 Renewing is easy  online
or by calling 888/294-8035 ext. 199


Take the Mensa Home Test challenge!

There are a lot of "IQ tests" online these days, but ours is a formally developed, normed — and fun! — home test that will give you a true sense of your brainpower. Oh, and it'll give you an idea if you qualify for Mensa. The Mensa Home Test is not accepted for Mensa admissions and will only be scored for those age 14 and older.

The test is fun for friends and colleagues who enjoy games and puzzles, and it will also give them an idea of how they'd fare on the Mensa Admissions Test.  Buy the Mensa Home Test online and have it mailed wherever you like, then return it to be professionally scored.


American Mensa's Web team is proud to announce the newest Web service that you'll appreciate:
online archives of the Mensa Bulletin!

If you've been looking for an article you read last year, if you're traveling abroad and want to catch up on back issues, or if you're new to Mensa and want to learn what Mensa is all about, you can now browse back issues of the magazine in the online archive. You will need Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or higher) installed in order to view these pages


Join Mensa!

The Mensa Home Test ($18 U.S.) is designed to give you an understanding of what to expect from American Mensa's supervised test. However, it is not mandatory for membership, cannot be used as qualifying evidence of prior testing, and will only be scored for those aged 14 and older.

Prospective members can apply by submitting evidence of qualifying scores (see a partial list of scores or get more information) from prior intelligence testing, or by taking the Mensa Admission Test. The test fee is $40, and a photo ID is required. The test is open to any person age 14 and older, but parental permission is required for anyone age 14-17.

Do you know someone who is Mensa-smart? Invite them to experience Mensa, and you'll be entered to win a $30 Mensa Dues Gift Certificate. When you enter the referral information, include your member number in the space provided and hit submit. There will be a quarterly drawing for a $30 Mensa Dues Gift Certificate, which can either be used for yourself or a Mensa friend. Please note that you must be a current member to partake in the drawing.

Questions?  E-mail Lauren A. Fernandez Marketing Coordinator!


American Mensa announces its newest member benefit - a Web-based career center that connects job seekers with prospective employers. Don't get lost on the commercial job boards! American Mensa's CareerLink is tailored just for you! 

As a job seeker, you can:
* Manage your job search
* Access hundreds of corporate job postings
* Post an anonymous résumé
* Be notified by email of new opportunities that match your search criteria
As an employer, you can:
* Quickly post job openings
* Manage your online recruiting efforts
* Take advantage of advanced résumé searching capabilities
* Reach targeted and qualified candidates
* Browse résumés for free

CareerLink is available to Mensa members and nonmembers alike. However, only current members can post résumés and apply for jobs at no charge; they can also post job opportunities at discounted rates.


Scholarships and Awards

The Mensa Foundation scholarship program is unique in that awards are given based only on essays. Grades, test scores, and financial need are not considered in the scholarship process. Visit the
Mensa Education & Research Foundation's
website for more information on awards and scholarships

Scholarship application period opens September 15.

“Human intelligence is the world's most important resource. We should do everything we can to nurture and protect it.”
                                                                              Phyllis Miller, Foundation Vice President



The deadline is nearing for registration for CultureQuest XXIV, scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 28.
Online registration can be made until 11:59 p.m.. Central time, on March 31. Te
am changes must be received via email by that date as well. To register, visit and select CultureQuest Registration from the left menu. Downloadable rules and registration forms are also available on that page.
There are two divisions:
Classic is open to all members regardless of age. Each team member must be a dues-paid Mensan (U.S. or Canada) for the 2013-14 membership year before April 1, 2013.
The Next Generation is the youth division. Entrants must have been born after April 29, 1995. Only the youth division team captain must be a current Mensa member.
For more information on CultureQuest®, contact the CQ Chair at For more information or changes to your registration, contact

Want to practice?
Sign up for the Mensa


If you're not already receiving the CultureQuest®-ion of the day, sign up, and you'll receive a different question via email each day along with the answer to the previous day's question. Do you know people who aren't Mensa members who love trivia and games? Feel free to let them know about the CultureQuest®-ion of the day as well! This service is open to the public.



Mind Games® is an intense weekend of play. The Mensa Mind Games® competition provides an opportunity for game manufacturers to compete in one of the most respected and recognizable national games competitions, while having their games reviewed by some of the nation's most avid game-players — members of American Mensa. Mensans judge and critique games released in the past year and award the coveted Mensa Select® seal to the top five. Board games, card games and other types of table and party games are eligible. Games are judged on aesthetics, instructions, originality, play appeal and play value. Judges fill out comment cards for each game.

Mind Games® 2013

 April 19-21

 took place at the St. Louis Airport Marriott, 10700 Pear Tree Lane, St. Louis, MO 63134; 314/423-9700. This is conveniently situated next to the Lambert International Airport and is 15 minutes from downtown via the Metrolink subway system.

The American Mensa Mind Games® competition showcases some of the newest and best games on the market. Through this event, our members — some of the country's most avid game players — judge new games on the U.S. market according to a full range of criteria. Game manufacturers and inventors submit the games for judging.

For the latest information on Mind Games® or to register, visit the
Mind Games® website.

 The 2012 winners are now posted!




Planning an RG? Send information for posting on the RG page to the Webmaster!

Mensa publications online

If you have any trouble with your password while trying to access these online publications,
help is just a
click away!

Mensa Bulletin
The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa, published 10 times a year with combined issues in April/May and November/December.

Online archives of the Mensa Bulletin

If you've been looking for an article you read last year, if you're traveling abroad and want to catch up on back issues, or if you're new to Mensa and want to learn what Mensa is all about, you can now browse back issues of the magazine in the online archive. You will need Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or higher) installed in order to view these pages

Mensa World

For any questions or comments about Mensa World, please contact Editor Kathy Spaltro.

International Journal
For any questions or comments about the International Journal, please contact
Kate Nacard

For any questions or comments about the InterLoc, please contact
Thomas Harrop.

Mensa Research Journal
For any questions or comments about the Mensa Research Journal, please contact
Shirley Loges.

Region 2 Local Group Newsletters

We have a Mensa-members-only section on our website. We store any Region 2 local group newsletter that is available in .pdf format. The members-only section can be accessed by your individual user-ID and password which are set up by the National Office.


If you have occasional or regular articles or columns that you would like to make available to local group and SIG Editors and Webmasters for use in their publications, email your articles to the new e-list: You don't even need to subscribe first. If you have any questions, please send them to





Mensa Education & Research Foundation

Introducing the Mensa Education & Research Foundation podcast "Conversations with Mensa," now available for listening or download. Each Conversation features up to 45 minutes of dialog between Mensans and experts in fields related to the Foundation's educational mission.

The latest "Conversations with Mensa" podcast is: "Taking Control of ADD." This 45-minute session features Dr. Frank Lawlis, American Mensa's Supervisory Psychologist and author of "The ADD Answer," providing basic information about Attention Deficit Disorder and the steps that can be taken to manage it. Leading the discussion is Mensa member Robin Crawford, an experienced educator and mother of twin Mensans.

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation's podcast series, Conversations with Mensa, is now available through the iTunes music store. iTunes allows listeners to easily subscribe free of charge to Conversations with Mensa, sync podcasts onto their devices, and receive new podcasts as soon as they become available. Currently posted Conversations feature topics as wide-ranging as the psychology of poker, ADD and current issues in cosmology. Upcoming conversations include reinventing yourself, genealogy and the music genome project. Conversations with Mensa is also available via the Foundation's website. If you enjoy the series, we hope that you'll take the time to rate or express your opinions!  Please direct ideas for future podcasts to iTunes is available for download at

Subscribe to the Mensa Research Journal that unlocks the door to your own knowledge and understanding! Support students, teachers and researchers! Donate to the Mensa Education & Research Foundation!


Mensa for Kids

Sponsored by the Mensa Foundation, this educational site features fun-filled games and activities meant to encourage learning. It also provides lesson plans and other links to resources for parents and teachers of gifted children. Stop by with your favorite kid and learn something new, or just have some fun!

Mensa for Kids lesson plans

Recognizing the need that exists for quality lesson plans, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation has developed a series of lesson plans to serve the diverse gifted children population. Since these plans are designed to be completed with minimal supervision, they serve as independent coursework either in the traditional classroom or outside it. You can access the course materials online through the Parent/Teacher Resources section of the Mensa for Kids website and download complete copies to hand to your gifted students. If you would like to receive updates when new content is available and for promotional events of the Mensa Foundation and American Mensa,  sign up for the MFK Updates email list.



At Mensa, for(u)ms follow function

If the goal is to connect more Mensans more often, our new online discussion forums amply fulfill this function. Forums are dedicated to everything from entertainment to auto mechanics to job banks. Many Local Groups and the Mensa Foundation also have their own forums. More than 1,000 discussion threads are currently active! Wonder what other Mensans talk about?
Join and find out!


American Mensa's membership directory  is online in the Member Resources section of the AML Website 

Stored in the private area, the member directory provides member contact information that members have released for publication in an online or printed directory. This release information has been collected via the Personal Data Questionnaire sent to members each year when they renew.

Personal biographies are now available to you through your profile update and the online membership directory.

Learn about the new and improved directory-related web

You'll need your member number and PIN/password to access this area of the Website.

Web Services is bringing three NEW submenu features to the online member directory!   

Ø       Member Gallery: A collection of photos of Mensans who added pictures to their directory biographies

Ø       Member Links: A directory of links to Mensans’ websites

Ø       Meet-a-Member: Matches you with up to four Mensans with interests similar to yours listed in the Personal Data Questionnaire. This is not automatic; you need to opt in! This is still a work in progress, so please be patient!

All of the additions are geared to facilitate member-to-member interaction. Visit the online Mensa Directory and these new additions--you'll need your member login information to access this area.


Stay sharp with daily brainteasers!

Need a mental workout?
Take the
Mensa Home Test, or play Games.


There are some unusually long (and thus challenging...) APWNRMEPYKQ on the Puzzles page! JJJ


Want to practice for the next CultureQuest®?
Sign up for the Mensa


If you're not already receiving the CultureQuest®-ion of the day, sign up, and you'll receive a different question via email each day along with the answer to the previous day's question. Do you know people who aren't Mensa members who love trivia and games? Feel free to let them know about the CultureQuest®-ion of the day as well! This service is open to the public.




The Agenda and the Mini-Minutes of the American Mensa Committee meeting of March 31, 2012 are now online. Select 2012-03 Meeting Reports, and then Mini-Minutes or Agenda.

You'll need your membership number and password to access the above information. If you've misplaced your login information, contact Webservices.



TJM Officers,

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